Thursday, July 30, 2015

Home sweet home

There is a lot of focus on being healthy in our society, which is a good thing. Many magazines focus on health and wellness and you can find tons of different books on the topic of fitness and dieting. These days most of us know all about what kinds of foods our bodies need to stay healthy. We are also well aware that we need to exercise regularly to stay fit and healthy. We are not only very knowledgeable about what it takes to stay healthy physically, we spend a lot of time working towards this goal. We are convinced that the better our bodies look and the healthier our bodies are, the better we will feel about life.

A healthy body is important to be able to live a good life but what surprises me is how easily we forget about the other parts of our being. We all know that no matter how healthy our bodies are we won't feel good unless we are also healthy on the inside. I think that if we can learn to not only care for our bodies but to also give our minds and souls what they need we will be able to find joy and fulfillment in life. Judah Smith asks us all an important question: "Is your soul well?"

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