Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Overcoming Depression and Low Self Esteem

Are you struggling with overcoming depression or low self-esteem? This one is for you!

Greatness of Your Glory

On mountains high and valleys low
When suffering’s all Your servants know
We’ll share the everlasting hope
His name is Jesus

While joy and mourning have their place
And nothing here is put to waste
Death will die and love remains
His name is Jesus

Your kingdom coming closer and closer
Glory to Glory brighter and brighter
Heaven is singing louder and louder 

Monday, November 20, 2017

The Worth of a Soul

Hannah Clarkson from Huddersfield, England, Rahil Patel from London, England and Ross Mcintyre from Livingston, Scotland share their stories about how they went from pain to purpose in life. 

God hides you FOR the right one!

That's so true! Thank you Allyson Rowe! What can so easily happen when we have been single for many years is that we start believing that we aren't good enough for real love. We choose to believe that nobody could love us for who we really are, so we either settle or try to be someone we are not.

I'm grateful that God made many men break up with me over the years, so that I could eventually meet the One that God had created for me. When other men rejected me it wasn't because I was unlovable, other people's rejection was God's protection in my life. God was saving me and keeping me until the day when I would finally get to meet my husband. Today I'm so glad that I never settled for anything less than real unconditional love. 

The Confidence We Have

Maybe you've wondered at one point or another how you can know if God will answer your prayer? What if he doesn't hear me? How do I know if what I'm praying for is his will? Manouchka Charles from Vous Church in Miami, Florida leads us to understand exactly how we can have a firm confidence in approaching God.

Motherhood, Pain and Perfection

DawnCheré Wilkerson sits down with Julia Veach to talk about motherhood, pain, and perfection.

The First Snow

This morning I was surprised to wake up to a snowy landscape here in Toronto. The first snow of the season is always a joyful surprise. I wouldn't want to live somewhere where there is no snow, the snow is what makes winter fun and beautiful!

The "Today's Outfit"-picture from Sunday. You know you are having a slow Sunday when you spend most of the day dressed in your pyjama pants. We focused on decorating the house for Christmas on Sunday. The tree is up now and this week I plan to decorate it, I just have to shop a few more Christmas ornaments first.

On Sunday evening I ordered a white chocolate mocha and then we took a stroll in the neighborhood, admiring the fun and beautiful Christmas lights that people are starting to put up.