Thursday, February 22, 2018

Women’s Struggles

The evil we see all around us and hear about on the News daily is a result of the sinful nature of every man and woman who walks this Earth. It’s not the animals that are ruining our planet, it’s the humans. We are aware that all humans struggle with sinful desires like greed, selfishness, meanness etc. Some people take it a step further and commit adultery, murder or other horrific acts of evil. The more we learn about the sinful nature of humans, the more we can understand where it originates from and how we can stop it.

There are some specific types of sins that are more common among men, like selfish aggression and selfish passivity. The two main types of sins that are more common among women are comparison and perfectionism. Comparison and perfectionism then gives birth to gossip, slander, quarrelling, jealousy etc. in women’s lives.

In part 8 of a series called “A Beautiful Design” Pastor Matt Chandler from The Village Church talks about the struggles that are specific to women in our society. This sermon was so good for me to listen to because it convicted me of multiple ways that I tend to be mean toward my own husband and others in my community. Step one to be able to grow is to know your weaknesses. Ladies, if you are interested in personal growth this year, this sermon will give you the push you need.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018


Being a woman is hard. Women often wear many hats, and feel judged or criticized no matter what path they choose to go down. So how can we make sure we are practicing self-care and being kind to ourselves? Psychologist and Care Pastor Dr. Merry Lin gives her best advice to women.

Kathie's Story

Rejection, love and loss. 
Joy and purpose.

Mixed Signals From Men

Ashley Brown from the youtube channel Ashley Empowers gives her best advice on what to do when you are getting mixed signals from men.

Love is in the air

Valentine's Day last week was incredible! My husband and I celebrated 7 years as a couple with a four-course dinner at an Italian restaurant in Toronto. My awesome husband also surprised me with a big bouquet of red roses, macaroons and a "Good Morning Beautiful"-coffee cup as a Valentine's present.

My day got even better when I found out that my brother had proposed to his girlfriend during a walk along the beach on Valentine's Day!!! I cried tears of joy when I got the good news. I look forward to their wedding so much! Love is in the air!

What's My Purpose?

Where do I want to live? What type of career would best fit me? Who should I marry? The better we know ourselves, the easier it becomes to answer life's big questions.

We are all gifted in different areas of life. Living out our purpose will require us to figure out what gifts we have so that we can put them to use. The Carl Jung and Isabel Briggs Myers personality test is one way to better understand your uniqueness and figure out what areas you are gifted in. I took the personality test a few weeks ago to see if there are any areas where I’m gifted that I haven’t thought about. The test reaffirmed a lot of things that I already knew about myself and my personality type. It was also funny to see that so many of the things I’m passionate about aren’t really that “unique” after all, they are very common interests for my personality type.

People with my personality type often become activists or involved in politics. The test also showed me that careers where my personality type is very successful are: Psychology and Counselling, Writing, Teaching, Early Childhood Education, Healthcare, Social work, Law and Religious Leadership. If you are interested in learning more about your own personality type, or want to find out what type of careers you would do well in, you can take the test here:

Embracing Limitation

Have you ever felt like you don’t fit in? Like you’re an outsider? Learn how to leverage your uniqueness for something greater.